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Kl. 18:30

Science & Cocktails: Our Immune System: The new and potent tools to eradicate cancer


How can our immune system be used to fight cancer? Why is immune therapy the "new the black"? How can the elite soldiers of our immune system discriminate between cancer and healthy tissues? How can we improve cancer immune therapy in the future? Why does our immune system occasionally destroy healthy tissues, resulting in auto-immune diseases (e.g. Type-1-Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Narcolepsia)? Free entrance standing, first come first serve basis Seated: 120kr (+ booking fee) - Programme for the evening: 18:30 Doors open 19:00 Music Act: TBA 20:30 Our immune system: the new and potent tools to eradicate cancer with Sine Reker Hadrup 21:50 Music Act: TB Our immune system is developed to protect us against foreign intruders, such as viruses or bacteria. Luckily, our immune system is also able to detect changes happening within a cell, when these may transform into cancer. Our immune system is a complex organ including numerous tissue structures and cell types. One cell type, the T cells – can be described as the ‘elite soldiers’ of our immune system. The T cells circulate in the body to identify and eliminate diseased cells. As such, the T cells are a critical component in our ‘internal’ protection against cancer. One of the major challenges in the development of immune therapy against cancer is to boost the immune recognition specifically against cancer cells, while avoiding the destruction of healthy tissues. In order to facilitate precision targeting in immuno-oncology we are determined to identify the characteristics of targets for T cell mediated tumor-rejection and the fitness of T cells leading to a favorable clinical outcome. We are seeking to identify the ideal T cell profile for potent and tumor-specific immunotherapy, and consequently design novel therapeutic strategies based on these characteristics. To meet our goals, we are developing novel technologies to interrogate T cell recognition, and applying these to understand how T cells sees cancer cells, and can differentiate such from healthy tissues. Advanced technologies to evaluate T cell characteristics at a single cell level are required to understand the determinants that correlated to tumor cell clearance. After the talk, music. Event held in English. This event has the generous support of Novo Nordisk Fonden.