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Kl. 18:30

- The Many Worlds of Quantum Reality


Science & Cocktails, in an event integrated in Forskningens Døgn, presents the strangeness of quantum reality with world expert theoretical physicist, cosmologist and internationally acclaimed science communicator Sean Carroll. Normal: 150kr (+fee, seated). Free entrance for standing places (first come, first serve basis. What is quantum mechanics, and why is it so mysterious? What is the Many-Worlds version of quantum mechanics, and why would anyone find it compelling? How do we explain that Schrödinger's cat is both dead and alive? Isn't it unscientific to postulate an infinite number of unobservable worlds? How can space and time emerge from quantum mechanics? One of the great intellectual achievements of the twentieth century was the theory of quantum mechanics, according to which observational results can only be predicted probabilistically rather than with certainty. Yet, after decades in which the theory has been successfully used on an everyday basis, most physicists would agree that we still don't truly understand what it means. Sean Carroll will talk about the source of this puzzlement, and explain why an increasing number of physicists are led to an apparently astonishing conclusion: that the world we experience is constantly branching into different versions, representing the different possible outcome of quantum measurements. What does this have anything do to with space and time? Sean Carroll: The evening’s guide to many existent realities. Afterwards, cocktails recipes that will allow you to branch out to different universes and live music to guide you in your journey. This event has the kind support of the Danish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (UFM). Event held in English.